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VIZSLAS:  Pups ready both in March AND June 2017!

PUGS: Pups ready in March 2017!



Our family shares the joy of pets with you!


Thank you for inquiring about our puppies!  I hope that after reading through my web site, you will not only have learned how and why I raise my pups, but that you will have gained insight to my style of raising them - FAMILY STYLE.  Our family truly enjoys our canines and we find joy in sharing our love of animals with others.

Throughout my entire life, I (Tricia) have had the privelege and blessing of owning pets of all kinds. I've enjoyed animal rehabing, exporing and learning about wild animals and their habitats, and thriving on the continual affection, amusement, and companionship of canines.  After high school, I attended a professional pet grooming school where, after completing the entire course, I received my diploma.  I then married my husband, Doug, and opened my own professional pet grooming salon.  My husband joined me in my love for animals and he and I began raising our family of children AND pets - especially, DOGS!  During our first twelve years of marriage we were blessed with three biological children and not long following, six adopted children as well!  With various health problems and chronic pain, I gave up my grooming years and went into breeding.  I could keep my children at home for their schooling, incorporating the puppies and dogs into our daily life, and have the main areas of the kid's education stem off of our dog business. Since we are at home more often than we are away, our pets are given the proper care, love and attention, from sun up to sun down! Not only do our dogs benefit from having the joy of kids as a continual part of their lives, the kids have also received the rewards of special memories that will last them their lifetime as well. Our family has also learned, by experience, the sorrow and pain of a broken heart when a special family pet dies.  We gree, however, that even the pain and sorrow is worth the love and good times our pets give to us! 

As you read through my website, you will learn of the particular care that I provide for my puppies/dogs, why I chose the breeds I did, and many other details of our canine-filled home!  I hope that you will pursue your interest in me as a breeder and that you will share your lifestyle as well, so that I can determine if a Vizsla or Pug would be best for you and your family.  My aim is to correspond with you in a personal way, answering any questions that you may have, in as much of a timely manner as I can.  With each pet placed, it is my desire that everyone involved is happy and content - you and your family, the pup, and me! 




You are probably questioning how I can raise my children, homeschool, run a 4-H group, volunteer with hospice, (ETC!) and still give my puppies the quality attention, time, training, and health-care that they require - I have plenty of LOVE and AMBITION to provide a wonderful life for pets!  I can also give you references as to the care that I give to my furry friends. Yes, it's a busy house-hold, for sure, yet it's the kind of "busy" that God has directed me to. The sun doesn't set on a day that I've not thanked God for His awesome creation - I can't imagine my life void of the animals He has blessed me with!


If our daughter can kiss a fish.... how much more likely is she to love and adore the hairy critters in our home?!  Lol!!! (this picture was taken over 10 years ago but just can't be removed!)