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Our family shares the joy of pets with you!


Thank you for inquiring about our pets!  We hope that after reading through our web site you will not only have learned how and why we raise our pets, but that you will have gained insight to our style of raising our pets - FAMILY STYLE.  Our family truly enjoys our pets and we find joy in sharing our love of animals with others.

Being a family of eleven, there are plenty of us to be giving loads of love and proper care to the animals we raise.  Our nine children are home-schooled, and so tending to the needs of various pets is part of their home education.  Since we are at home more often than we are away, our pets are given love and attention from sun up to sun down! The older children in our family have even purchased pets of their own. From their hard work, time, and patience in training their pets, they have received the rewards of special memories that will last a lifetime. Our family has learned by experience the pain of a broken heart when a special family pet dies, but we all agree it is worth the love and good times our pets give to us! 

If after reading through our website, you would like to pursue your interest in us as breeders, we expect that you will share with us your expectations, lifestyle & hobbies, family size, etc. so that we can match you up with the pet that would not only be best for you and your family, but that would be best for the animal being placed as well.  Our aim is to correspond with you in a personal way, answering any questions that you may have in a timely manner.  With each pet placed, it is our family's desire that everyone involved is happy and content - you and your family, your new pet, and our family as well! 




You may question how we can raise several types of pets while still giving them the quality attention, time, training, and health-care that they require. Rest-assured, there are eleven of us living under one, large, happy roof - and several of our older children have pets of their own that they are more than capable of taking great care of.  We can provide you with many references as to the love that we give to our furry friends. We are a busy house-hold, that's for sure, but it's the kind of "busy" that God has directed us to.  The sun doesn't set on a day that we've not thanked God for His awesome creation - we can't imagine our lives void of the animals He has blessed us with!


If our daughter will kiss a fish.... how much more likely will she love and adore the hairy critters around here!